Cosmos Original Productions


Cosmos Original Productions will try and supply our products to you wherever you are in the Europe. We have a distribution agency operating on the mainland, and we are also well represented by the best Internet services. Anyone who cannot afford to buy our products please ask for them at your local library. The library services should be able to lend you them, or buy them in for you. Cosmos Original Productions was set up to try and bring about new ideas. We have no ties to any particular fashion or fad, or political movement. It is well known that the spread of specialized art in the market place, governed by cash, has suppressed new ideas. We believe that the spread of new ideas is a healthy part of society, and when this stops society turns in on itself and becomes mundane. There is room for everyone in the market place is our philosophy.

Cosmos Original Productions are not interested in any undue press attention. The thing that is important to us is that we have our products available, and that you have a choice as regards what you can buy. Cosmos Original Productions was set up in 1997, and since then for some unknown reason a ban/bloc/embargo has been placed on our non-corporate products by the main radio station in the UK. And we have not been able to negotiate with large international publishers as regards moving our products into large mainstream companies. The BPI and AIM have also refused to cooperate; they expelled us from their associations. The TDI to date have been reluctant to help as regards the above issues: the right to offer our goods to people in the UK.

Any profits made by Cosmos Original Productions will be put into new art projects. Cosmos Original Productions operate from Glasgow in Scotland U.K. and is the idea of John A.Walker. Please feel free to browse this website.

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